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Sarah Shear an NYC Actor, Singer, Model, and Playwright. She graduated from Wagner College and holds a degree in Theater Performance and Speech. She is extremely passionate about using art to inspire social change, and it’s her mission to make the world a better place through kindness and creativity.

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I’m Sarah Shear: Actor, Singer, Model, Playwright, Health nut, Travel guru, Whovian, Feminist, Lover of classical literature, and a firm believer that art can change the world.

Everywhere I go I take my kindness and creativity with me. I moved from Boston to New York City to study theater at Wagner College. I took the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in London, and performed under glorious direction of Marina Calderone. I worked for two summers traveling around Italy. And at the Eugene O’neill Theater Center I learned about the power of collaboration; the beauty that occurs when strong and talented world changers come together.

A new passion I’ve recently discovered is holistic health and wellness. As I continue to perform and create in NYC, I’m also studying to become a Holistic Health Coach. If you’d like to hear more about this, just mention broccoli within a 5 foot radius of me.

Enjoy my website! Have fun clicking around my media gallery, and keep checking back for updates on new projects. If you like what you see, why not make it official and like it on Facebook!?

Do something to change the world today. Make someone think differently, or simply make someone smile.


Sarah Shear’s plays have been performed in NYC and abroad. She studied playwriting and devised theater at the Eugene O’neill Theater Center, and in London with Marina Calderone. Her first ensemble piece, “Frozen Lines” was presented in Bloomsbury Square.

Since then, Sarah has continued to write on her own. Her first solo-written play “Stupid Girl” premiered in 2013, and was selected to be performed in the Staten Island 2015 Playwrights Forum. “Re-Rooting” premiered as a staged reading in 2015, and continues to be developed. Additionally, Sarah has lead English playwriting workshops all over Italy.

Sarah is currently writing new works in NYC. Please contact Sarah if you’re interested in her reading her scripts, or her writing services.

“Stupid Girl”: Rena Rosen puts people in the wind, dances with invisible boys, and most shockingly… loves being a teenage girl. Stupid Girl is a fantastical tragicomedy (with music!) that follows Rena on her journey to find her prince charming and figure out what it means to be truly, deeply, nothing-wrong-in-her-life happy, which proves difficult when everyone tells her there’s no such thing. When she meets Joshua Grace, she feels like the long awaited moment has finally arrived, but Rena learns that fairy tale endings are hard to find on a college campus.

“Re-Rooting”:  Why date one boy when you could date twenty? Why stay in one place when you could travel the universe? Rose doesn’t have enough money to travel, but she has all the tenacity and multi-tasking capabilities she needs to see the world through her many lovers. But is her own identity at stake by living her life through other’s experiences? Re-Rooting is about a girl who refuses to settle down trying to find her place in the world.






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