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Sarah Shear

Creative Artist


Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm a creative artist and body activist. I've recently relocated home base from New York City to London, but I have traveled the globe as a performer, writer, director, model, producer, and educator.

My performance work explores the intersection of Body Activism and Performance. As a theatre maker, I'm interested in telling raw and visceral body-stories. As an educator, I offer workshops which use practical exercises to deconstruct the vernacular surrounding bodies in theatrical settings.

I use radical kindness within my practice to demonstrate that kindness is not weakness. Joy and love can be fierce tools of resistance in a world where industries profit off of self-hatred. 

When I'm not on a stage or behind the table, you can find me eating vegan chocolate or dying my hair a new color. 

xo Shear



Headshots and Resume

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Actor | Musician | Writer | Director | Model | Educator 



Sarah is currently leading workshops on the subject of

Body Activism in a Theatrical Context:

The Body as a site of Resistance.

The goal is to investigate how our relationship to our own body affects the way we make and view theatre. By implementing the ethos of social and political movements (such as Fat Liberation, Radical Self Love, and Body Neutrality) in creation, training, rehearsal, and performance, can a new generation of theatre makers undo the harmful stigmas surrounding bodies that have been perpetuated in theatre performance for generations?

If you would like to participate in a free workshop, or organize for Sarah to run a workshop for your theatre group in 2022, please reach out. 

LEGS SM 09-06-21 02.jpg

LEGS at Brighton Fringe

'LEGS' was a performance that was raw, honest, and open about what we really feel about ourselves deep down. It addressed subjects we might not talk about openly, in a safe and creative way, and it was delivered with such passion and energy, that it made us look at the body differently'

- Sascha Cooper,
​ Broadway Baby

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