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LEGS, a post-pop musical exploration created by Sarah Shear and performed by Princess Scissors, is raw, funny, and full of the unexpected (think—DIY house show meets body activism and the little mermaid). 


This [60 minute] piece is a rigorous, vulnerable, investigation of persona and her body as a site of resistance. Through multi-media, glitter, obscenity, comedy, and banality, Shear poses the question to the audience—how do we exist without shame?

Humble Beginnings 

Conceived and created during the pandemic as a part of Sarah's course at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, LEGS is fun, vulnerable, and thought-provoking body activism on stage. 


After workshopping LEGS in isolation, Sarah was able to gather a team once the UK announced that lockdown on theatre performances would be lifted this May. After the first read-through of the script, the voices of the team of women in the virtual meeting room all echoed a similar sentiment - LEGS is the culmination of the countless calls for honest body representation on theatrical stages having gone ignored for far too long. But let us be clear- LEGS isn’t a show that just celebrates parts of the body usually covered up on stage, it’s also not a show that offers body positivity as the end to body shame, instead, LEGS mixes various methods into a glitter bomb of a show that forces the audience to question why they are even looking at a body instead of a human. 


Throughout the creation of LEGS, COVID-19 has devastated the arts industry. As theater reopens, LEGS is playing an instrumental part in breathing fresh perspective into a world, which is already concerned with how to ‘lose the quarantine weight’ after their body has helped them survive a pandemic for over a year’. With your support, LEGS will premiere LIVE this summer at Brighton Fringe, as a part of join us in this thrilling experiment of existing just as we are. 

The live performance of LEGS will be assessed as part of Sarah's final portfolio for her MFA in Advanced Theatre Practice at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

The Big Hurdle 

The only thing standing in our way now is the price tag. We need to pay for venues, rehearsal space, props, costumes, lights, and a team to make it all happen.The pandemic has devastated the arts economy and unfortunately independent theatre is the lowest in terms of funding priorities. We have some help from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama to cover initial costs of making the show, which was essential to the workshop process. But, due to the pandemic we have been limited in our access to rehearsal spaces, even through university affiliation. In order to bring LEGS to fringe festivals we need assistance with registration fees, marketing, travel, and accommodation.

We've created a budget for the production, as outlined below:


Festival Registration: £135

Rehearsal Space (55 hours): £200

Production Costs (including tech, costumes, props, etc.): $550

Marketing: $400

Accommodation for Out of City Festival: £300

Travel Stipends: £415

Crowdfunding Goal: £2,000

Any amount helps us make this show a fully realised production.

Other Ways You Can Help

COME SEE THE SHOW! Celebrate new artists telling new stories and enjoy the first summer back of LIVE theatre! You can catch LEGS at Brighton Fringe this June, but other theaters have already expressed interested in featuring Legs in their upcoming seasons.

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